Admission closed for 2017

Sound Recording is neither mysterious nor magical. It is a discipline. Like any other discipline, it has its own set of rules and regulations. Once you get acquainted with these, you can decide if you want to pursue it. If you happen to have a flair for music, the Chetana staff at the Academy of Sound Recording will nudge you in the right direction.
The Diploma in Audio Recording A comprehensive and concise groundwork course spanning a year,that familiarises the aspiring artistes with all aspects of sound and music recording. The year- end assessment of the students encompasses a final theory examination, besides the original recording project submitted by them. This gauges not only the quality of work presented and theoretical knowledge involved, but also the attitude and aptitude of the students and their ability to deal with the media. The recording industry being a profession of the beaten path with erratic and long hours, and an unconventional environment demanding unorthodox working dispositions,can induce high stress. The ability to surmount the same, along with a propensity to work within a team are imperative. Motivation, drive, enthusiasm,flexibility and reliability are the cardinal requirements that define an artiste.
It need not be reiterated that the art and science of recording demand not just technical know-how, but also an innate understanding and appreciation of music coupled with a critical listening ability. Our Sound Engineering Course equips you to master these skills and showcase them through a sterling performance enhanced by quality sound.
The recording industry does not fit into the mould of other industries. The hours are erratic and can be very long, the general environment tends to be unorthodox and stress levels can get high. The ability to work in a team is essential. Motivation, drive, enthusiasm, flexibility and reliability are paramount.The art and science of recording requires technical knowledge as well as an understanding of music and a critical listening ability. By learning these skills, you can capture a performance and reproduce it with quality sound for the enjoyment and inspiration of many people.

Our Focus on

  • Various styles of composing and producing electronic music, which includes jingle, Applying effects Composing and Recording Song
  • Keep up with the current trends that prevail by analyzing electronic music & understanding its main components
  • Understanding the major aspects of grove, and also create complicated and layered drum gloves
  • Layer electronic and acoustic elements of music
  • Improve creativity by utilizing complicated flow of the signal
  • Innovate upon creating stunning builds and breaks
  • Learning the use of automation effectively
  • Synthesize and compose powerful hooks
  • Make use of delay and reverb in various contexts
  • Make complicated edits with the help of your sequencer
  • Create various entertaining synth gestures
  • Avoid using side chain inputs when using gates, filters and compressors
  • Give your music a more human-like feel by utilizing advanced quantization functions
  • Compose and sequence parts of a keyboard
  • Utilization of the delaying technique to create evolving landscapes

What you achieve

  • Pro Tools 10.1 and 11.0 certifications
  • Unrestricted access to workstations for Music Production and Sound Designing
  • Practical course that get you connected with industry trends
  • Software : Pro tools, Logic Pro, Reason & Ableton
  • One year Internship in Chetana studio and placement opportunities
  • In house faculty members with vast experience
  • 3-4 Workshops by industry experts
  • Experience in live sound stage programmes with well known
  • Practical support from Chetana’s allied institutions such as
    • Chethana Voice Lab (CVL)
    • Chetana Media Institute
    • Chetana Music Academy
    • Chetana sangeeta natya Academy

Eligibility Criteria: 12th passed any stream (12th appearing also can apply and will be provided provisional admission)

Our Staff




Ganesh K Marar

Rajan Francis